Alie Flynt Therapy

I am a psychotherapist, yoga therapist, and life coach specialising in the mind body connection. Whether you seek psychotherapy, therapeutic yoga instruction, life coaching (or a combination of my services) we will work together to improve the quality of your life and cultivate more balance within.

My approach is holistic, individualised, and guided by the belief that you can reclaim your natural state of wholeness and clarity. We will explore your goals, and how thoughts, behavioural patterns, and past experiences might be getting in the way of making positive change.

Together we will ignite the self-care and self-awareness process. Helping others to learn from the innate wisdom of their bodies and access their intuition is my life’s work.

I have a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Masters from Fordham University. I have advanced yoga certifications in healing and therapeutics from Yogaworks with Jillian Pransky. I continue to study the latest developments in evidence-based clinical training and therapeutic yoga.