“I began seeing Alie to address a sudden onset of crippling, near-daily panic attacks that had landed me in the emergency room multiple times. She quickly helped me develop coping strategies and understand what was happening in my mind and body so I could begin reclaiming my life. Once we’d navigated those acute days, she helped me identify and work through various root causes until the panic ceased entirely. Though those days are long behind me, I continue to see Alie for her guidance through career changes, marriage, pregnancy and motherhood, grief and loss, family crises, conflict and uncertainty. Alie is warm, gentle, and an incredible listener. She fosters deeply trusting therapeutic relationships and her insights are thoughtful, wise, and highly personalized. She always meets me exactly where I am on that particular day, and I always leave our sessions with a clearer mind and calmer body. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

33 y.o. Female

“When I first started seeing Alie I was in a depressed state, but had no idea why. I felt like I would repeat day after day in a darkened haze that had no real meaning or purpose. I couldn’t understand why I felt hazy, I couldn’t understand why I felt so sad all the time, and I felt so guilty for feeling this way. I mean, why would someone like me feel this way when there seemed to be no reason for feeling this way? Alie helped me uncover parts of myself I had no idea were there that were contributing to my depression. We worked on healing those parts of me in a way I responded well to, and after four years of working together once (and sometimes twice) a week, I have been able to understand myself on a deeper level. I am able to see situations more clearly and respond in a healthier way, I am able to acknowledge if I feel pain and not be afraid of it, and I am able to take my inner critic’s voice down to a whisper instead of a full on yell. Alie helped guide me through those harder years, and was there for me when I needed someone to just listen. She helped me grow in my career and my personal life more than I thought possible. I’m so thankful our paths have crossed and could not have asked for a more kind, caring, open hearted therapist. In the words of Rumi, “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” I came to Alie crawling, and she has taught me how to fly.”

25 y.o. Female

“I’ve been meeting with Alie weekly for over 3 years. During this time I’ve learned strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, and fear. I’ve learned to be kind and gentle with myself. Alie has been a great resource through challenging times as well as exciting moments. I look forward to chatting with her weekly. I like to think Alie helped bring our the best of me over our time together and I look forward to continuing our work!.”

30 y.o. Female

“Working with Alie has helped me unwind so many complexities that held back my confidence, self-esteem, and work performance. She’s been the first Therapist to treat me as a peer, not as a clinical study or opportunity to commiserate. Her sessions are thoughtful and nurturing, and have been an outlet to dive into so many things I’ve not had an opportunity to explore. Despite NY requiring a certain degree of grit, once you walk into a session – Alie is able to give space for honest challenging and introspection. I’ve been fortunate to see Alie for nearly 3 years… and every single penny has been worth it.”

 33 y.o. Male

“A major career detour, navigating a long distance relationship (with my husband), loss / grief, moving to a new country (to be with my husband), wedding (and all the beautiful madness that accompanies planning it), marriage, infertility struggles, pregnancy, motherhood, a beautiful new baby, starting my own business, and now a global pandemic…it has been a busy five years. Five years of utter happiness, sadness, sometimes crippling anxieties, excitements, confusion, and life-changing exploration, that I could not imagine handling half as well, if not for Alie Flynt. Alie not only supports and guides me, but effortlessly grows with me as I enter each life chapter. Beyond merely a confidant, she helps me to process, understand, and tap into the best part of myself, both mentally and physically. From New York to Hong Kong and soon London, with each step I take Alie is right there beside me as more than a therapist or life coach, but a friend.”

34 y.o. Female

“Therapy can be a scary thing. It often involves revisiting parts of ourselves or our lives that are traumatic, frightening, or painful. Therefore, you need a therapist/companion on this journey who you can trust in completely. Since the first time we spoke, Alie has welcomed every part of me, especially the parts I was often most ashamed or afraid of, with unwavering compassion and support, provided a vast array of effective resources and advice, and perhaps most importantly, helped me learn to work with and love these parts of myself that have been the most difficult to accept. It is impossible to put into words the profound impact that Alie has had in helping me feel safe, seen and able to live a much happier, healthier life than what seemed possible in the past. I feel incredibly grateful to have Alie on my team as I work to better understand myself and our turbulent world.”

23 y.o. Male

“I’ve been going to Alie for over two years now to treat my anxiety and panic disorder. I was scared and nervous to start therapy and let alone talk to a stranger about it. However, when I met Alie, she made me feel comfortable and safe to start this journey with her. Thanks to her, I learned the necessary tools to manage my anxiety and haven’t had a panic attack in so long! She’s helped me so much and also with other aspects in my life (work, relationships, etc). I highly recommend her to any of my friends or family who are looking for a therapist. She’s really amazing, great energy and someone you can always trust.”

34 y.o. Female

“At age 26 I was feeling lost; suffering from heartbreak, a job that no longer fulfilled me and anxiety that I thought I was effectively self-managing. Four years later, and I don’t have all the answers, but my weekly sessions with Alie have equipped me with the toolbox to deal not only with every day situations that act as anxiety triggers, but also with the curveballs life decides to throw us every so often.”

29 y.o. Female

In working with Alie I found a true partner and ally in my mental health journey. She has always stood right by my side to guide me. She is encouraging, thoughtful and takes a holistic approach to therapy. She has empowered me to be the leader in my own healing journey.

40 y.o. Female